Linking small, medium and niche
audiences to large advertisers.


Vendo Nexus was founded in 2019 by Kavit Shah and Richard Coles. Vendo Nexus is a London, UK based company. Vendo Nexus’s origins began from TrafficRich, where we began to see an increasing frustration amongst small publishers who were constantly being turned away from large SSP’s, because they did not meet their minimum requirements. Many publishers were plugging into AdSense and finding smaller, less premium SSP’s to work with, this has a cyclic effect were the premium small publishers’ frustration has begun to grow.

The problem? I have a small premium site, but no premium ads to fill the pages.

The Answer? Vendo Nexus

Vendo Nexus has been able to ease the frustrations of clients by being able to bring many small premium publishers under one roof.

Our experts​

Kavit Shah


Kavit Shah joined TrafficRich as Junior Trafficker in July 2005. Kavit has deep level of experience in almost all publishing ad technologies and has helped grow the Publishing side of TrafficRich. Kavit is currently leading a team of four as Head of Publishing Operations at TrafficRich.

Kavit is a highly experienced Senior Traffic Manager who has been in the industry for 14+ years with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Strong program and project management professional skilled in Mobile Advertising, Digital Strategy, Advertising Operations, Campaign Management, and DoubleClick.

Kavit is highly motivated and keeps up to date with the latest trends and technologies in the industry, he has a passion for online advertising and finds satisfaction from helping businesses move forward, progress and grow. 

Richard Coles


Owner/day to day/team management of Trafficrich and Adrich with 10 years commercial online experience

After learning my trade as a trafficker at Optimedia, I launched trafficRich in June 2005. Since then I have bid for and successfully won both agency and publisher trafficking gigs. I have taken Trafficrich from myself as sole employee to a staff of 14 traffickers over the last 5 years. All of which I am proud to announce are based in our London office.

Three years ago, I noticed that a lot of our publisher clients treated house ads as an add-on, literally to fill a blank gap. I launched Adrich with Surf Chowdury with the intention of changing this. Armed with a contract with Hearst Digital and The Independent we set about using out trafficking knowledge to use house ads in a more appropriate way to bolster inventory in areas with a higher cpm value or sold out areas. Before long we had cracked sales teams too, trying to get them to sell literally outside of the (ad) box and we started producing bespoke adfunned microsites cobranded between our publishers and their clients. So far so good with that, we’ve produced around 15 for The Independent, 5 for the Mirror and 1 for The Guardian.

What our clients say

Vendo Nexus is brilliant for finding advertising knowledge and news that actually matter. It’s truly a one-stop shop for helpful advertising information.

Our clients​

Pricing Model

Vendo Nexus wants to be as transparent and honest as possible with all our clients, this after is the best policy! We want to work with our clients on a personal level and bring the most we have to offer to them; this is why we offer a performance-based pricing structure. Our close relationship will also allow us to give any guidance/ advice we can to help our clients business in all areas of digital marketing. Vendo Nexus is only as strong as its clients and together we can reach new heights.

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